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We are concerned citizens who believe in the importance of free and fair elections as the foundation of our American government. Join us in learning about election integrity and finding solutions to improve our future elections.

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Write The Vote and GA NERDs were asked to write amicus briefs to support a Georgia Election Case with the U. S. Supreme Court

November 04, 2023

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The "WRITE THE VOTE, ELECTION INTEGRITY (EI) SUMMIT" was a gathering of concerned citizens who are alarmed about the direction of our Country, Our State, and Our Elections. The right to vote in a free and fair election is one of our most basic civil rights. This summit was not about candidates or political parties, it was about “free and fair elections being the foundation of our American government.” This gathering brought us together to learn from each other, In addition to hearing from many of Georgia’s experts on election integrity. We discussed many continued election issues, in addition to focusing on solutions that all of us can help do, to improve our future elections.

Meet The Speakers

Our speakers are dedicated election integrity experts who are bringing the alarming truth about Georgia elections to all concerned citizens. More importantly they will bring a host of solutions so any individual can help improve our future elections.

Timeline for the full video above:

22:00 Posting of the Colors - North Georgia Color Guard

33:55 Brian Pritchard - Introduction and history

1:24 Bob Coovert - Election Crimes Against the Citizens of Georgia

2:24 Bay Cagle - National Anthem

2:39 Garland Favorito

3:26 Kim Brooks

4:21 David Cross

Write the Vote Election Integrity Summit Nov 4, 2023Write the Vote Election Integrity Summit Nov 4, 2023
Election Integrity SummitElection Integrity Summit

Join our advocacy efforts to ensure the protection of every citizen's right to vote and the integrity of our elections.

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