Join a Patriot Group

We have Patriot Groups that will be sharing their story with you their story and how you can join.

A Few of Georgia's Finest Patriot Groups participating and volunteering in our event.

Lane Bishop - Founder

Carol Chamberlain - Chairman

The Mountain Patriots is a grassroots organization of all political parties and all those interested in local, state and national politics uniting to educate, motivate, restore our natural liberties, and retain our economic freedom. We are dedicated to protect, defend and preserve the original meaning and stated intent of the Constitution of the United States of America. We will work together in a nonviolent, respectful manner to restore the rights guaranteed each citizen of the United States of America.

Join the Mountain Patriots – – Fill out this application and bring to our next meeting

Liberty Group Tea Party

Jack Smith - Chairman

"RIGHTS" The rights of the people come from GOD, not from government. Never forget: What government gives, government can take away. We have Constitutional Protections, not Rights

"Liberty Group" Is a non-partisan group. WE NORMALLY DO NOT ENDORSE CANDIDATES.

Join the Liberty Group Tea Party -

Concerned Citizens of Union County

Vince Peterson - Chairman

is a grassroots effort to hold all levels of local government accountable to the will of the people. We believe in supporting family values, have faith in God, and actively work towards educating our fellow citizens in policy matters that effect our way of life, while upholding the principles of our constitutions.

Gilmer GrassRoots

Tactical Civics

The only full-spectrum solution. Taking America back, one county at a time. The mission of Tactical Civics is to glorify Jesus Christ and maintain our civilization by living like responsible adults, enforcing what we stipulate in the Constitution.

Convention of States (COS)

The American people. Convention of States is first and foremost a movement of grassroots citizens who are fed up with business as usual in D.C. We’re funded by thousands of everyday patriots who have committed their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to protecting liberty for future generations.