Solutions are most effective at the local level.

Join your local patriot or concerned citizens group. If there isn’t one where you live, think about starting one. Contact us and we can help. Assist in any way you can, a little or a lot, commit to be part of the solution. Encourage family and friends to vote. Above all, VOTE! If you help locally, together we can change the nation.

God & Country

Pray for Our Country and Christianity.

Share the facts you learn here with members at your church.

Get your church involved (it is ok).

Ask one of us to speak at a church event.

Churches have been part of the solution since the beginning.


Put an American flag in your yard (if you need help, contact our team).

Thank a veteran / support local veteran programs.

Get to know your sheriff and council members, talk to them about elections.

Support Election Integrity Groups –VOTER GA, GaBallots ,Turning Point Action (Chase the Vote), True the Vote, IV3 (Voter Validation & Verification).

Solutions from Bob Coovert

Contact you State Representative and Senator. Let them know you’ve seen evidence of election fraud and you want to know what actions they’re taking. They are accountable to you, not Atlanta.

Contact your local District Attorney and let them know you have seen evidence of election fraud and need their assistance.

Contact your Sheriff and let them know you’ve seen evidence of fraud and need their assistance.

Ask your State Representative and Senator what specific actions are they taking to improve our elections.

Links and sample letters for these actions will all be available on

Join the Election Integrity Network (EIN) and share the latest news and actions.

Consider becoming a Captain to communicate Call to Actions and spread the word.

Solutions from Kim Brooks

Call Johnny Chastain, as he’s heard of the fraud and done nothing.

Volunteer to canvass to prove fraud.

Put a Paper Please Sign in your yard, business, billboard, local paper.

Tell your local Election Board you want paper poll books, secure hand marked paper ballots, and hand counting.

Tell your Board of Commissions you want to save money by ditching the machines and going paper.

Solutions from Garland Favorito

Request your legislators to hold a special session to investigate Fani Willis. Link at

Request your legislators to hold a Special Session to secure Georgia elections. Link at

Support the election integrity efforts and legal efforts by Voter Ga.

Solutions from David Cross

Each one of you patriots have been blessed with some element of:




We, the people you’ve heard from today, need your help. We need help in:

sharing our conservative values,

spreading the word about the cheat to friends,

paying for legal challenges,

meeting election boards,

advocating for paper ballots,

analyzing data,

paying for data or ballot demonstrations.

There is a lot to do.

Thank you for being a patriot in the fight. Thank you for being here today. Thank you for helping take back our country! David Cross@GaBallots

True the Vote - Sheriff’s kit

ProtectAmerica.Vote is a national effort to inform and equip sheriffs, educate citizens, and protect our elections.

The Sheriff’s Toolkit is a basic set of information and ideas that law enforcement can use to support lawful elections. If you’re a member of law enforcement, we hope these concepts will be useful to you. If you’re a concerned voter, forward this information on to your local Sheriff and ask for their help.

The Sheriff’s Toolkit written by Sheriff Mark Lamb (Pinal County, AZ)

Drop Box Voting: We recommend every Sheriff begin outreach to your County Election Officials and ask for the following:

Drop box locations: Confirm drop box locations and operational dates for the November Election.

Increased Patrol: Please consider increased patrol activity around drop box locations. Increased drop box patrol between 10pm and 5am is strongly encouraged.

Video Surveillance: Confirm each drop box will have operational cameras and video surveillance. In some cases, election officials have installed additional surveillance access points directly on Sheriff Department computers for easy monitoring.

Daily Video Review: If video surveillance is not installed at the Sheriff's office, Sheriffs can request access to the previous day's footage every 24 hours for review.

Full Visibility: If election officials are not able to provide video surveillance to your office every 24 hours and / or they are unable to install camera equipment at every voting drop box location the opportunity for illegal activity is incredibly high. Sheriffs can secure the vote in their County! We are here to help. Please reach out to us for potential grants that may provide your office with equipment and resources. You can reach us at

National Election Integrity Hotline: Around the country, citizens are not sure what to do when they see activity at a polling location or drop box that may look suspicious. To help, has activated a national election integrity hotline to give citizens a place to report possible suspicious voting activity. The number is: 855-585-2022.

Spread the Word: We are asking Sheriffs around the country to share this new Election Integrity Hotline with the citizens in their county. Using social media Sheriffs can share this hotline with video posts and help secure our elections.

Routing Calls to Sheriffs: We are asking Sheriffs around the country to share this new Election Integrity Hotline with the citizens in their county. Using social media Sheriffs can share this hotline with video posts and help secure our elections.

Education: will continue to develop public service campaigns to educate voters through television, online and radio.

Education: Each state has different election laws that govern voter activity at the ballot box. We will help voters understand the rules in their state so they can be sure to follow all voting laws and be more aware of potential illegal activity they may observe. For example, in most states it’s a crime to drop multiple ballots in a voter drop box unless those ballots are for direct family members.

Local Control: Sheriffs have control in their county. When other areas of government breakdown our local Sheriffs step in to make sure the law is enforced. Working with Sheriffs around the country we will raise attention in local communities and discourage law breakers from any organized effort to break voting laws.