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a person riding a horse with an american flag on its back
a person riding a horse with an american flag on its back

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Ace Hardware - Blue Ridge

Shop at Ace Hardware Blue Ridge at 4344 Old Highway 76, Blue Ridge, GA, 30513 for all your grill, hardware, home improvement, lawn and garden, hunting and tool needs.

Mountain Patriots

The Mountain Patriots is a grassroots organization of all political parties and all those interested in local, state and national politics uniting to educate, motivate, restore our natural liberties, and retain our economic freedom. We are dedicated to protect, defend and preserve the original meaning and stated intent of the Constitution of the United States of America. We will work together in a nonviolent, respectful manner to restore the rights guaranteed each citizen of the United States of America.

U. S. Asset Management

Our success is measured by your success in achieving what is important to you and your family. Clients tell us that they get to spend more time and energy with their family, friends or their work and hobbies knowing that their assets are in capable hands.


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