Meet the Speakers

We've assembled some of the most experienced and dedicated election integrity experts in the State of Georgia

Kim P. Brooks *Our Keynote Speaker*

Kim is an Industrial Engineer that spent most of her career in IT including programming, Data Center Design, Network Design and Technical Sales. She is a top data analyst on Georgia Secretary of State files. She has worked with several counties across the state uncovering dirty voter rolls and fraud, including in Gwinnett County where patriots have submitted over 45,000 affidavits challenging the 2020 election and the Gwinnett voter rolls. Her 2023 analysis uncovered manipulation of our votes, GARVIS (GA Registered Voter Information System) corruption, and misuse of Georgia Citizen’s identities. She is a DAR, and works full time for free for love of God and Country.

Robert (Bob) Coovert

Bob has been leading the election integrity efforts for the Mountain Patriots of Fannin County. The Mountain Patriots have worked with Governor Kemp and his office, former Speaker Ralston, State Senator Gooch, and the former Inspector General of Georgia, along with many others to reveal allegations of election improprieties against the citizens of Georgia. Bob is retired from 35 years in the commercial nuclear power generation industry where he operated, inspected, and investigated almost all aspects of commercial nuclear power. He developed methods and guidance for conducting event investigations and analysis for a branch of the United Nations. Bob has taught these methods to organization in 17 different countries.

David Cross

David is the Georgia State GOP 2nd Vice Chair and one of Georgia's leading experts on voter integrity. He has uncovered an incredible amount of alleged fraud that took place in our elections. His evidence is available on his website for the organization he founded gabollots, Election Truth in Georgia, at

David is also a Certified Portfolio Manager and Wealth advisor with U.S. Asset Management. His primary responsibility is portfolio management and client relationship management. David has over 30 years of industry experience and was a Senior Vice President with Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch before starting his own company, U.S. Asset Management, in 2016.

He holds a degree in finance from Auburn University and earned the Certified Portfolio Manager designation through the Academy of Certified Portfolio Managers and Columbia University.

Garland Favorito

Garland has co-founded Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VoterGA) Garland is a career Information Technology (IT) professional with over 40 years of in-depth experience and over 17 years of volunteer research into electronic voting systems. He also serves as a volunteer Elections Director for the Constitution Party of Georgia.

Brian Prichard

Brian is the Georgia State GOP 1st Vice Chair. He is a grassroots guy. He travels his district speaking to republicans about the issues that plague our country, our state, and our counties. Brian has been a republican since the day he came into this world, there was no other way in his family. For those who watch his show,, you know his values, and he stands for the Constitution and Christian values. Brian ran for the 1st Vice Chair because he wanted to be on the inside to ensure that we have a successful 2024 presidential election in GA and that we elect a republican in GA.