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The Truth About Georgia Elections

Members of our team have met with many of you and continue to find that information regarding election integrity is either unknown or not being addressed here in Georgia. On July 15, 2021, the late Speaker David Ralston sent a letter to the GBI requesting an investigation into the 2020 election. On the same day, then Senator Burt Jones also requested the Senate Ethics Committee conduct an investigation into the Secretary of State. These requests went unanswered.

A Write the Vote team member spoke with former Senator William Ligon, who led the Georgia Senate sub-committee meetings following the 2020 election. Unknown to many, former Senator William Ligon was a bench Judge in Brunswick GA for 16 years, an expert at analyzing evidence. In his report concerning the 2020 general election, his committee clearly stated in recommendation nine, “The oral testimonies of witnesses on December 3, 2020, and subsequently, the written testimonies submitted by many others, provide ample evidence that the 2020 Georgia General Election was so compromised by systemic irregularities and voter fraud that it should not be certified."

Honorable William T. Ligon, Chairman Senator, District 3, was asked, "what did the Secretary of State and the executive branch of Georgia do when they read your report?" His response, “they did nothing”. The voters of Georgia deserve better. We are searching for courage in leadership from elected officials who will lead the charge for transparent and fair elections in Georgia. Please take the time necessary to review the information provided here and elsewhere regarding the lack of security within our current elections process. Have the integrity required to restore confidence in Georgia elections and not turn a blind eye. Our children and grandchildren are depending on you.

If you have any concerns or would like to review any additional evidence, please request it below. To arrange a face to face meeting or have us speak to your committee, please contact us directly.

We thank you for your service and pray that you as our elected leader and defender of our Constitution, carry the torch of truth in our elections. Illuminate and hold accountable those responsible for the crimes identified against the citizens of Georgia.

In the next days and weeks we will provide you the evidence and truth about out elections. We will not pay a consultant or contractor to lie to you as several do under the gold dome.

Election Crimes Against Georgia

Twenty-six allegations of crimes committed by the Secretary of State and his office were provided to the Governor. Following two months of validation the Governor's office referred the case to the Inspector General (IG). The case was closed with a superficial inspection. When additional evidence was provided by county election officials to the IG, he was promoted to a Judge and his former office dropped the case. Nearly one year later the IG position is still vacant.

Forty thousand votes were added to the 2020 risk limiting audit to make the final numbers come out as the Secretary of State wanted. The Governor's office agreed with the findings of 40K fraudulent votes and sent the evidence to the State Election Board. Over two years later they're finally having the hearing on December 19, 2023.

The Real Numbers identified by Georgia Patriots - not continued deception from the SoS Office

Data Source: Secretary of State provided voter rolls and voter history files 2014 – 2023

Proof of maladministration of the voter rolls across the state. Multiple violations of Georgia Election Code, including but not limited to:

Currently incarcerated felons being issued Driver Licenses and voter registration.

Deceased voters being re-instated, issued Driver’s Licenses, and credited with votes, some with address manipulations.

Previous Georgia residents being re-instated, as active voters, some with address manipulations.

280K Inactive voters, with no contact in 5+ years – going back 23 years!

345K Active voters, with no contact in 5+ years – going back 50 years!

14.9% across the state have moved out of County and/or Out of State.

Multiple deceased voters – 10+ years later still on the rolls – all counties.

Over 100K Duplicate, Triplicate and in some case Quadruplicate voters in same and different counties.

Bloated Voter Rolls are the “fuel” for machine, Absentee Ballot, and Early Vote cheating in our Elections.

Improper Registration address - UPS Store, Post Office, Walmart, Storage Units, etc.

Month to month switching of voting and contact history month before and after elections.

What we must do prior to the next election

Disconnect from ERIC

Follow the current laws on voter roll qualifications for registration, Absentee Ballot qualification, NCOA move and registered/voted in another state removal, and voter roll maintenance.

Disconnect from DDS Motor Voter until a full investigation occurs.

Ever changing voter rolls to dead people voting

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